Rabu, 10 Juni 2015

Selecting A Sunflower Species To Grow

The first step in growing sunflowers is deciding on the species you wish to grow. There are 67 species of sunflower across the world with single or multiple stems, growing heights, head sizes and colours. Read through the details of each popular species below to help make an informed choice on the sunflower you plan to grow. click here

Growing Indoors With A Hydroponics Growing Systems

Growing indoors with a hydroponics growing system is as enjoyable and rewarding as the weekend gardening enthusiast who cultivates the soil and care for there plants then can reap the end results of there fruits.

A hydroponics growing systems consists of growing plants in nutrient solutions without the use of soil.

Hydroponic growing of plants began in the 1930s as an extension of the culture techniques used by plant horticulturists in plant nutrition experiments. click here

Properly Growing Plants in a Hydroponics Grow Box

Growing plants inside of a hydroponics of grow box is a bit different than growing plants in nature. In nature you have the sun which is providing plenty of light for your plants. In nature your plants have an unlimited amount of space to grow. Unless you are growing in a greenhouse there is no ceiling so you can grow as tall as you want. You can grow your plants as high as you wish with really no envelope. There is nothing stopping your plants from growing even eight or 9 feet tall. Even small plants can grow as tall as trees in nature. click here

Hydroponics Grow Box Beginner's Guide

Hydroponics is a form of gardening that is generally done indoors in a controlled environment. It uses a lighting system, an environment (also known as a grow box) and a feeding system (a mixture of water and nutrients) and of course your plant of choice. When growing with hydroponics there are three primary phases.

The primary piece of equipment needed when hydroponic growing is the grow box. This is your environment. It controls the temperature, the humidity, the light timing, the watering etc. It also protects your plant system from bugs and other pests. click here

Recommended lighting for your plants.

Grow box lighting can vary a lot, but it is by far the most important part of the hydroponic grow box system. Without lighting, you have no plants. During your cloning and vegetation stages, CFL or MH bulbs are used to promote fast and strong growing. These lights produce a very white/blue light.

During flowering your lighting needs to be switched over to a more orange/warm light. Plus, the timing of your lighting needs to be changed to a 12/12 hour cycle so that your plants know it's time to flower. The best light for this stage is an HPS light. click here